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REX|LAB is a space for realizing ideas. The tools are robotic actuators and the language is CAD programs and code. Going from idea to tangible object is always a form of translation, and interpretation. With robotics and software these processes are very flexible and subject to exploration. As a medium they both claim universality. Six-axis industrial robots are universal manipulators. Code is universal expression of everything calculatable (turing-complete ). This paired with their novel nature leaves much to be found, discovered, and realized.

Where to start? The first step is knowing the hardware and how to control it.


Robot Specs

REX|LAB uses three IRB 2600-20/1.65 industrial robots. Each one has six axes and a payload capacity of 20kg. The three robots are installed in a multi-move cell and allow for synchronized motion with all 18 combined axes. The work range is spherical with the following cross-section.

IRB 2600 short working range.jpg

Axes are usually numbered from the base to end-point with each their own movement range. For example, the IRB 2600 can do the following joint motions:

  • Axis 1: +180° to -180° (175 °/s)
  • Axis 2: +155° to -95° (175 °/s)
  • Axis 3: +75° to -180° (175 °/s)
  • Axis 4: +400° to -400° (360 °/s)
  • Asix 5: +120° to -120° (360 °/s)
  • Axis 6: +400° to -400° (500 °/s)

IRB 2600 Manual:

Control through RAPID

ABB robots are controlled through RAPID, a proprietary programming language. At the simple end of things it's a text file with move instructions. It can be written on any computer, copied to the controller and executed with the Teach Pendant (hand-helt touch screen of the controller). At the complex side, RAPID programs can have logic like conditionals and loops. It's a fully qualified general purpose programming language with IO-capabilities, multitasking, and interrupt-handling.

Control through Grasshopper and TACO ABB

You can use "Taco ABB" for easy and fast simulation, rapid code generation and upload in the REX-LAB.

Look at the Tutorial video and example file, if you're not yet familiar with Taco.

This example GH script contains the "PinTool" and is for Calibration and GetPosition in the REX-LAB.

More examples to come ...