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Nicolas Ebner, Rafael Millonigg, Pascal Pauly

Betreuer: Architekt DI Michael Budig, Architekt DI Robert Neumayr

Project for the London Olympics 2012 site/Stratford Intl. Station



It was our wish to reunite the two parts of the site separated by the massive train station. By doing so, we wanted to create space for further interventions during and – most important - after the Olympic Games.


Regarding 4 peripheral and one central point (the latter being the new Stratford intenational station, the others are: Stratford regional station, access to stadium, access to olympic park and access to olympic village), we tried to find a solution on urban scale by developing a system that would generate a structure where needed (i. e. give us an idea where to expect the maximum of movement/events).


From the points mentioned above we generated growth based upon the assumed movements of crowds directed towards the center. 12 phases of growth, varying by influence of force fields, resulted in lines, where the crossings (the vertices, respectively) were responsible for the shape and position of voronoi cells - generating a dense field above the train station, flowing towards the entrances/exits of the site.

These cells were treated on ground level as building units leading towards the station, below ground as tunnel systems around the departure platforms. The buildings above vary in height and function, serving as office buildings, housing, pavillions and entrances/exits for the underground development.

Crossing between 2D and 3D development result in smooth transitions between the level above and below ground. Over and around the train station, where the cells punch trough the ground level, skylights are thus created, lighting the underground levels. Bridging the gap, new places are created and offer space for parks and undisturbed development from north to south.


overview day/night conditions

physical model

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Ebner Nicolas,Millonigg Rafael,Pauly Pascal | Schumacher Patrik Budig Michael,Neumayr Robert | E6 | Wachstum/growth | assoziative prozesse | 07WS | Bild:Camera_02_dof.jpg | a

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BetreuerSchumacher Patrik  +, Budig Michael  + und Neumayr Robert  +
ImageCamera 02 dof.jpg  +
LVE6  +
Semester07WS  +
Themaassoziative prozesse  +
TitelWachstum/growth  +
VerfasserEbner Nicolas  +, Millonigg Rafael  + und Pauly Pascal  +
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