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Trans-Platform / Building Fabrication

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Lucas Reames and Michael E Idoine (Gehry Technologies and STUDIO G5, LA/USA)

The fourth session will look at relations between design and production processes. Assuming that the level of craftsmanship within alpine/middle European regions has a long tradition and reflects high quality, innovative building and production companies will support the exploration of possibilities within direct design to production processes.

Gehry Technologies' DigitalProject will be used to create a detailed parametric entity, with a focus on how fabrication and assembly of different materials (wood, metal and concrete) affect the design process. A series of models and drawings will be produced, including a 1:1 model of an import structural joint/detail. The workshop will explore the fabrication process, through the use of a wood joinery machine as well as the use of other rapid prototyping machines and laser cutters. Engineers and Technicians from cooperating companies will assist this workshop group.


Participants and Projects

  • Team 1 i.facade. Alexander Topf, Clemens Hochreiter, Hannes Lechner. University of Innsbruck
  • Team 2 ptf-skin. Mitterer Sebastian, Pletzer Clemens, Zangerle Christiane. University of Innsbruck
  • Team 3 elem-facade. Andreas Trentinaglia. Matthias Obermoser. University of Innsbruck
  • Team 4 protomesher. Florian Mangger. Martin Minach. Johannes Hummer. University of Innsbruck
  • Team 5 Hundegger. Julia Messner, Candy Lanners. University of Innsbruck
  • Team 6 Hundegger. Alexander Karaivanov. University of Applied Arts, Vienna



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