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Caroline Winkler, Hannes Schroll, Martin Mairegger

Betreuer: Architekt DI Michael Budig, Architekt DI Robert Neumayr

Project for Stratford International Station at the Olympic Park in London/Stratford.



The basic research was about modifications on polygonal surfaces combining scale, rotate, translate and extrusion operations. The next step was to connect attributes of objects to an input value. Using distance as an input value made it possible to create gradient modifications. One of the main aims is the possibility to influence only certain areas of a polysurface rather than influencing the whole surface at once.


The program is embedded in a Maya user interface. The main function of the program is to perform modifications on areas of polygonal surfaces that can be chosen manually. It uses the distance between a ‘center point’ and the selected object as the input value, which affects the attributes of the objects. In the program’s user interface, there is an update panel, where the coherence of input and output value can be controlled manually using four float sliders (input minimum, input maximum, output minimum, output maximum). The first part of the program can perform openings on 2dimensional polysurfaces including 2 additional options. The degree of roundness (integer between 0 and 2) and an option so the user can choose between three possibilities. Creating a hole, creating a hole covered with a panel and creating a hole, that is not cut out. The second function modifies the thickness of an extruded polygonal surface at a certain area by translating the selected vertex points in the positive normal direction. The user can choose between modifying either front or back side (which depends on the direction of the extrusion), where the program stores information about or whether the vertices are on the front or on the back side.

Design concept

Our conceptual idea was to pick up the dynamic of the trains and the crowd of people in the design process of the building. In this concept the building should vault itself around this flow of movement. The flow pierces the ‘vaulted landscape’ and creates openings. The fluid form of the building integrates itself into the urban environment of Stratford city and the Olympic park as a dynamic hub.

Functional concept

The trains enter the station at underground level. The deboarding people ascend to ground level to leave the building or reach certain info and shopping facilities. From the main hall to the east exit, there is a passage with small shops. A foot path, which picks up the appearance of the station openings, leads from the east station exit to Stratford Regional Station. Stratford Regional Station is extended by two additional platforms and a hull, which roofs these two platforms. Two pedestrian overpasses lead from the new built platforms to the existing main station building.



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Winkler Caroline, Schroll Hannes, Mairegger Martin | Schumacher Patrik Budig Michael, Neumayr Robert | E8 | The HUB | assoziative prozesse | 07WS | Bild:Thickness 02.jpg | a

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BetreuerSchumacher Patrik  +, Budig Michael  + und Neumayr Robert  +
ImageThickness 02.jpg  +
LVE8  +
Semester07WS  +
Themaassoziative prozesse  +
TitelThe HUB  +
VerfasserWinkler Caroline  +, Schroll Hannes  + und Mairegger Martin  +
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