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superTEX structure at the institute for experimental architecture.hochbau university for architecture Innsbruck

During the research project “superTEX – textile qualitys of fibre reinforced polymer” a 1:1 prototype was
developed and build at the Institute for experimental architecture.hochbau.
The prototype was shown and used as a bar and as an information point at the 40 years anniversary of the
faculty for architecture and the engineering.

The prototype is a large-scale, structural 3D textile. The realisation is based on a technological material
invention by project leader Valentine Troi.
She developed a PVC/glassfibre hose that is impregnated with epoxy resin to allow the construction of large
3D spline wire-frames.

The hoses are here fore organised into their desired structures (woven, knotted, bundled knitted etc) while
they are still flexible and kept in position by a supporting structure.
Wall thickness and diameter of the hoses are variable and chosen referring to the structural stress within the construction.
The hardening of the structure takes place after the hoses are in their intended position.
This technology easily allows the construction of free-form modules that can be organized to large-scale
load bearing structures.

The properties of the newly invented hose compound were tested and optimized in
numerous material tests and were conducted in cooperation with the TVFA Innsbruck
at the Faculty for Structural Engineering.
The material has a high loading capacity combined with very little mass.
This results in the weight of 108kg for the 10 x 4m prototype.

Hermann Lehar from the Institute for Festigkeitslehre Baustatik und Tragwerkslehre developed a finite elements model of the
prototype based on the material tests.
These provided an accurate definition of the hose diameters and wall thickness as well as the structural joints.

The realisation of the prototype was made possible through the enthusiastic labour of the research team Stefan Strappler,
Georg Wieser and Michael Zopf under the supervision of project leader Valentine Troi.
Within 3 months the team developed and realised the Prototype at the faculty's laboratory.

In future research, the Team is going to try and optimize the patented technology to bring it to a industrial level of manufacturing.

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