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Proto-Design / External Adaption

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Home Obergurgl 2010 | Workshop Groups: 01Proto-Design / Internal Integration | 02Proto-Design / External Adaption | 03Trans-Platform / Building Environment | 04Trans-Platform / Building Fabrication

Claudia Pasquero and Neill Grant (Ecologic Studio, London)
Tom Schmit and Johannes Weninger (University of Innsbruck)

More advanced schemes shall be explored in this session in order to develop concepts of associating proto-designs with specific site parameters and embedding them within multiple external conditions.

Soft Skins workshop [...] will investigate the use of associative modelling to support the conception of an architectural facade as the evolving product of multiple interacting urban systems and forces. Environmental fields, social potentials and material performances will feed the model and define a “soft-skin” envelope. The term “soft” indicates the focus on design informed by data in real-time as well as by the nature of fabrics, fibres, tiles or embedded with biologically-active or vegetated components. Experiments in data feeding will be based on a new design interface developed by ecoLogicStudio which allows to directly link the Grasshopper model with a web based platform called PACHUBE and to the so called “internet of things”. The Skin will be developed as a site specific project and directly prototyped, at an appropriate scale, via laser cutting or CNC facilities.

(from Workshop Brief by ecoLogicStudio, www.ecologicstudio.com)



Participants and Projects

Friedl Janine Alica
Pellini Sabrina
Tryggvason Arnthor
Metso Olli
Vides Holden
Danmayr Katharina
Schiefer Simon
Stecher Thomas
Wei-Yuan Chang
Cheng-Wei Lo
Dominic Belzacq
Markus Bernhard
Andreas Engelhardt
Marco Kniesel
Brice Pannetier
Boris Rüther
Thomas Sachs
Thomas Milly
Galo Moncayo-Asan
Kleindienst Martin

  • StretchingFields Stecher Thomas (University of Innsbruck), Schiefer Simon (University of Innsbruck), O' Connor Patrick (University of Dublin)
  • lighting performative. Sabrina Pellini. Janine Friedl. Katharina Danmayr (University of Innsbruck). Chang Wei-Yuan. Lo Cheng-Wei (Feng Chia University). Andreas Engelhardt(State Academy of Art)
  • sensitive surface. Holden Vides. Olli Metso. Arthorn Tygvasson (University of Innsbruck)
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