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Verfasser Pomberger Angelika, Vogl-Fernheim Johanna
Betreuer Griebel Peter, Mathoy Thomas
Thema FrAgile Architecture
Titel Penumbra
Semester 14SS
Image Bild:Penumbra.jpg

Our architectural prototyp is based on scales. We want to show the interaction of an up and down movement, the two states of open and closed. The initial state is a completely closed prototyp where all scales are overlapping like bricks of a façade. The idea of our project was to generate two different conditions: one is the completely closed situation of our scales and the other situation is that the scales can open and because of this light can stream into our object and it generates shadow for all things that lie under our object. The construction is well-conceived. It comprised many little limbs out of Perspex which is on the one hand the bracket for the scales and on the other hand the stabilization of our object. The movement works with a string which is clamped on the top. It runs through a coil and at the end of this coil the string ca be pulled. Because of this our object pushes down and it opens the scales.


final prototype


inner surface


construction, showing mechanism manual


structural details, small limbs





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BetreuerGriebel Peter  + und Mathoy Thomas  +
ImagePenumbra.jpg  +
LVE1  +
Semester14SS  +
ThemaFrAgile Architecture  +
TitelPenumbra  +
VerfasserPomberger Angelika  + und Vogl-Fernheim Johanna  +
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