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von Stefan Dobnig, Johannes Kurzemann

betreuer: Frank Ludin


Fascinated by the notion of creating a façade that is based on information, the ambition was to build an automated device, which can transform digital data to a physical 3D output.

concept / funktionality
Pins’n’Pixel is the name of a high tech media façade that projects a three-dimensional surface by using a crowded array of pins that are free to slide back and forth independently. These pins are arranged in a quadratic grid that consists of a steel cable network. The decomposed load-bearing construction makes the device appear more technical, transparent and light. On top of the pins is the pixel front-mounted, which can change its size by becoming bigger and smaller in order to intensify the effect and the clearness of the protection. These two movements, both of the pins and the pixels are controlled by a central server. This computer, which is programmed to extract 3D data out of digital 2D raw material, converts the processed information into spatial data points and transfers it to the mechanical actuation of the pins and pixels. Pins’n’Pixel is supposed to meet the requirements of a real façade within insulation, areolation as well as lightning. That’s why the backside of the device is covered with a super flexible material that takes up all pressures and movements the pins are causing and further protects the interior from wind and weather.


Pins’n’Pixel is a designed media façade that controls light, insulation, and aeration while making it possible to project video clips and pictures in real time. It’s not only a façade, it’s a big 3D television set in urban space!


media facade, pins, pixel

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Dobnig Stefan, Kurzemann Johannes | Ludin Frank | HB2 | PINS 'N' PIXEL | 07SS

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BetreuerLudin Frank  +
LVHB2  +
Semester07SS  +
TitelPINS 'N' PIXEL  +
VerfasserDobnig Stefan  + und Kurzemann Johannes  +
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