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Verfasser Grimm Raffael, Jocher Lorenz, Turolla Alessandro
Betreuer Prof. Coletti Marjan, Griebel Peter, Mathoy Thomas
Thema Metting Nature Halfway / FrAgile Architecture
Titel Nebeltrinker
Semester 14SS
Image Bild:STC 14SS E1 nebeltrinker010.jpg

The origin of this project is our interest in hygroscopy and the effect of deliquescence.



As a medium to show the powers and the process behind this effect we use a nature-orientated concept. Spiderwebs are in its unique shape the ideal product to copy. Not the chemical composition, but their fragile structure allows us to absorb water depending on humidity and transform this mostly unpleasant event into a profitable invention. To imitate the threads of the spiderweb we use nylon fibers covered with a salt solution, bend into delicate forms to gain to most agility possible. Our agility is based on a mechanism powered by a servo motor.

Prototyp meets nature

When our prototype is activated, it erects itself and stretches a construction of nylon threads. Different patterns can be used not only to serve a certain purpose, but also to please the eyes. These patterns, but also shapes can and should vary to grow finally into an ocean of NEBELTRINKER. Not only should they be integrated into nature tastefully, but also interact by giving water back.


Development process

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BetreuerProf. Coletti Marjan  +, Griebel Peter  + und Mathoy Thomas  +
ImageSTC 14SS E1 nebeltrinker010.jpg  +
LVE1  +
Semester14SS  +
ThemaMetting Nature Halfway / FrAgile Architecture  +
TitelNebeltrinker  +
VerfasserGrimm Raffael  +, Jocher Lorenz  + und Turolla Alessandro  +
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