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Milky Way

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Verfasser Moro Martina Jole, Homan Ann Mari
Betreuer Sommer Gilbert
Thema T-Shelter
Titel Milky Way
Semester 16SS


Project Description


The roof terrace with the green plantation modules encourages for activities outside and supplies a soothing and calming hobby in terms of gardening.

This design is a t-shelter building for refugees and estimated to have an approximate two (2) year life-cycle. The design thrives on freedom, airiness and natural green surroundings. It is designed to make the new dweller feel free and part of the environment while giving the feeling of permanency and robust and cozy surroundings. it concentrates mainly to serve the needs and desires of families including parents and children. as the urban plan green roof planter modules are beneficial to extend the outside living space without extending the lot size. this also allows more dense urban planning. capsule are concentrated on the essential - sleeping - and allow more room for living activities.

Polycarbonate walls create the feeling of continuity for small spaces. if the area is built densely, polycarbonate provides still the linkage to outside but also the privacy from neighbors. the translucency of the material allows much natural light to come in minimizing the need for artificial light. this way the dweller is exposed to the natural day rhythm of daylight and night and relaxed by the amount of natural light.

A remarkable benefit is its easy and quick assembly on site, is the minimal amount of materials needed. the walls have only two (2) materials: cross laminated timber (CLT) and polycarbonate (PC). both materials have good thermal insulation performance and are premanufactured elsewhere making the assembly on site much quicker than with traditional building methods.



Societal and individual humaine factors



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BetreuerSommer Gilbert  +
Semester16SS  +
ThemaT-Shelter  +
TitelMilky Way  +
VerfasserMoro Martina Jole  + und Homan Ann Mari  +
ZuordnungAnerkennung  +
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