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Map the chilli

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von Brigitte Schwöllenbach, Florian Niedworok

Betreuer: Patrik Schumacher, Robert Neumayr, Michael Budig, Markus Malin


General Research

In the beginning the project started with 2D and 3D-Studies based on a hexagon, which was partly arranged in grid form. Beside studies of different manipulation strategies of a regular hexagon, studies for several kinds of regular and irregular subsystems, which could be inserted in a hexagon, were done. Manipulations have been for example: Scaling, Mirroring, Bevelling of corners, Transformation of several points and so on.

Concept Design

Starting with scripting tequnies we explored the square as useful medium to handle the hexagon for scripts. The result of the 2D- and 3D studies has not been satisfying and we decided for our concept design to focus on a rectangular Modul including straight lines. After a series of 2D and 3D studies similiar to the previous ones we developed a system of cells, which was based on the developed moduls and was arranged gridwise. These cells should be able to exist in certain zustände like closed, open, halfopen, with hierarchical subsystems and folding in and out and so on. Using these different Zustände of the cells the whole system could adapt and response to different circumstances.


For the development of the typologies our villas we chose to use the same cells as for the Concept Design system. Moving the face structure in the same way but with different Y-values we produced different house typologies such as Tower, Loop and Atrium.

Urban Concept

The Urban Concept includes just briefly very conceptual ideas but should show how the developed typologies should be used. Basically the shape of the cells and unit similar to chillies recommend a urban configuration which is very stretched like a coast strip. The masterplan concept includes a system of water streets which would be connected to a big lake or the sea and provide individual access to the water streets of most of the villas. A street system which sticks to the shape of the units, provides access and connection to a regional street system. By using the conceptual chilli unit the project tries to built up an aesthetic coherence from urban to interior scale. The villa typologies have different sizes and qualities and are arranged in the masterplan groupwise to generate different atmospheres among the villa colony. For example the high rising tower villas are found behind all other villas and lower building villas are located next to the sea.

Tower Villa

Loop Villa


Villa, Villenkolonie, Typologie, Entwerfen, interiorities

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