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von Margesin Brigitte, Schwienbacher Simone

betreuer: Troi Valentine

How to get sunlight and daylight in an attic flat situated on the northern side in the old town?


The Beginning

We started a lot of studies with different materials and light situations. During these studies we observed light reflecting on shining metals. Aluminum reflected and distorted also images.

The Project

We used these characteristics and developed a system of hexagonal honeycombs which can be put in for different uses in a room. Our next item was to form the room as optimal as possible and we decided to shape an extraordinary bathroom. Our aluminum honeycombs have a diameter of 15cm and various heights, so that we can form any necessary situation and as we found out, also furniture. We designed a unique bath. For our bathroom we designed an extreme situation and used the honeycombs everywhere: on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling and also on the front out of windows.

The Honeycombs

The honeycomb elements for the floor and the walls are 5cm high and closed with Plexiglas, so that dampness can not enter. On the walls some open higher elements are fixed which can be used as places to keep something. The ceiling elements have also a height of 5cm, but they are open. In these honeycombs there can be installed lights.

Above the bathroom there is a terrace. Trough air shafts, made out of aluminum honeycombs as well, we can lead daylight from there in the bathroom and in the room beneath. These honeycombs have different heights: first in order to lead as much light as possible in the rooms (trough reflections on the metal surface) and secondly in order to form the rooms.

The front out of windows has a special system of honeycombs: their angle changes downwards. This structure makes it easier to reflect more daylight into the room. Another advantage is the fact that the changing of angle prevent the view from outside. We found out that the direct reflected sunlight is dazzling, so it is advantageous that the front reflects only the light which is reflecting from the opposite white house front.

The 4th Dimension

An important fact for our project is the fourth dimension: the time. With the time the sunlight changes during the day and this sunlight variation changes the reflections on the honeycombs and in the room. So we have different light situations any time of a day.


  • Light shining directly on the floor reflects on the honeycombs and from there into the room.
  • The cut edge of metal reflects more light than other metal surfaces.
  • Reflections from honeycombs on the floor look sometimes like flames.
  • The bend edge reflects light in different wavelength.
  • Light reflected from more elements of higher honeycombs (for example on the floor) has arcs as reflecting pattern.

Different Uses

The different kinds of honeycombs can also be used as single elements in a room.


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Margesin Brigitte, Schwienbacher Simone | Troi Valentine | HB2 | LightLandScape | 08SS Bild:LightLandScape Perspektive.jpg

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