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Kalzip Wettbewerb 2007

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Platz 1

Annick Mergen & Johannes Mitterdorfer

metal-composer (Präsentation)

Platz 2

Brigitte Bertignoll & Katharina Riedl

square dance (Präsentation)

Platz 3

Maria-Elisabeth Schuler

flexible wall system (Präsentation)

Kalzip Pressemitteilung

We would like to thank all participants for submitting their ideas and concepts for the European Student Award 2007. The slogan "Wrap a Building" and the challenge associated with this not only required visionary ideas and creativity, but also conceptual thinking and fundamental knowledge in the fields of structural framework planning and material science. The overall objective was to create the building envelope of the future.

In addition to the diversity of ideas, the judges were particularly impressed with the high quality of more than 60 submissions. In order to make their final decision, all entries were examined, discussed and then evaluated by the judges. This assessment process included a first and second round. There was major consensus in the final round when it came to choosing the three winners. Following extensive discussions, a special prize was awarded in addition to the three main prizes.

The first prize went to Annick Mergen and Johannes Mitterdorfer from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. These students from the faculty of architecture impressed the judges with their Metal Composing entry. This concept not only demonstrated an exceptional understanding of materials, but also a high level of functionality, based on simple geometries. The concept submitted included a production concept as well as design and application variations. This entry will be awarded a prize of 1,500 euro and a work experience placement at Coop Himmelblau in Vienna.

The second prize went to Brigitte Bertignoll and Katharina Riedl for their Square Dance concept and the third prize went to Maria-Elisabeth Schuler for her Flexible Wall System. All three are also students at the University of Innsbruck. The special prize for the Zurich Riding School went to Alexander Bartscher from Zurich. This piece of work particularly impressed the judges with its high level of creative quality and also with the fact that a highly creative modular design concept was developed from what was originally a purely functional roof accessory.

The fact that all prize winners come from the same university is sheer coincidence. Nevertheless, the judges see this as a reflection of the extremely professional support that the students receive there.

A list of all submitted and assessed entries will be published here online in the next few days.

Next competition

Kalzip International Student Award 2009

The subject and prizes are still to be announced.


http://www.kalzip-studentaward.com/winner.htm - Gewinner - Präsentationsplakate



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