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Hegemonic Symbiosis

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Urban Club Scenario

The beginning of the research is to specify the individual spaces which has its own local attribute which feeds back to the overall entity of an urban club - hence a hegemonic existence in a symbiotic/inter-dependent totality.

Both physical models and scripted form-finding investigations were carried out to demonstrate the idea of seperating the physicalities of a space (floor- wall-roof) and the accentuated points all of them share as an entity.

* Malleable Boundaries

By setting out local parameters to interior spaces, the dynamics of the external to the direct spaces could be controlled and manipulated - thus giving an opening/closing of an interior space that is directly influenced by size requirements, density and hierachy of importance internally.

* Component Adaptation

With local parameters, we are able to map out points on the roof and floor which are co-related, so the organisation of these points are adapted by components which defines the sruface. With vector studies information, individual component reacts on its own and also react together as a subsystem of generative components - i.e a furniture setup, a stage or steps.

* Contextual Implementation through Vector Studies

Giving a site context, the subsystems implemented distinguished the interior spaces by hierachies of importance for an urban club - within its interior spaces (ie. VIP lounge rooms vs entrance) and its relationship to the external via vector parameters which are set to a range of varialbles. Then a dynamic roof-floor templated were derived from this studies.


Frank Florian, Shah Faizan Mohamad | Schumacher Patrik | Georg Grasser | Budig Michael | Malin Markus | Workshop |Proto-designs | Hegemonic Symbiosis | 09WS | Datei:Zf a010.jpg

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