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E1 Testprojekt

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Verfasser Hannah Bartolucci, Silvia Bertolini
Betreuer Colletti Marjan, Griebel Peter, Mathoy Thomas
Thema FrAgile Architecture
Titel Seized wave
Semester 14SS
Image Bild:seized wave1.jpg

Seized wave

Our work began with the research of fragile constructions and structures which could be transformed by natural processes. The purpose of our project was to design a prototype, which is set in motion by a natural sources of influence. We had to develop an action determined by a cause and an effect. The main objective of our project is to convert a slight movement into a larger one. We have been inspired by the waves and we have modeled their movement through a water-filled bag. To use the orbital motion of the waves at the best, we have created a mechanism which consists of stretched strings that are connected to every sack. Each time that you pluck the strings in tension they cause the orbital motion of the water. On the surface of the water-filled bags is a structure of long hardened threads fixed so that the light action at the base causes large reaction at the end of the rods. We wanted to represent the natural forces through an object and make them usable. The natural properties, of which we were inspired by, are here filed and more perceptible for humans. We have tried to seize a wave.

Our Model

Datei:seized wave1.jpg Datei:seized wave 3.jpg

The concept

Datei:seized wave_explosion.jpg

Datei:seized wave 3d_2.jpg Datei:seized wave 3d_1.jpg

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BetreuerColletti Marjan  +, Griebel Peter  + und Mathoy Thomas  +
ImageSeized wave1.jpg  +
LVE1  +
Semester14SS  +
ThemaFrAgile Architecture  +
TitelSeized wave  +
VerfasserHannah Bartolucci  + und Silvia Bertolini  +
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