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von Oliver von Malm


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English Summary

Visionary dystopia Beirut 2009

To start with this project we had to learn to deal with expressions like collapse, dystopia or zero point. Because of the complexity of this topic it was necessary to first make a pre exercise, which meant to pick a dystopian society and stage a collapse resulting out of this society. Therefore I chose the communication society which comprises a lot of space for dystopias, thinking of things like the “Mohammed caricatures” which led transferred by the communication system to massive attacks in many Muslim countries. I expressed this using two Medias which guided me through the rest of this studio: The mirror and the camera. Mentally getting closer to Beirut, I thought about how to be helpful at places where the point zero was already reached. So my first station is called “horror vacui ex”, because that’s what I tried to approach installing a mirroring, flexible façade in front of a destroyed place in Beirut. The Idea is that children or other citizens could start playing with this façade and “breath” life into the city as shown in the movie. The second movie, “visual spaces” also takes place at a spot where the city is completely destroyed. By coating the debris with a mirroring film I created new visual spaces in the destroyed street which might come out as an attraction for visitors and also bring new life to a dead place. Finally there is the movie “desire”, which is probably the most abstract of the three stations in Beirut. It’s the story about Beirut being covered by a mirroring film enclosing people in their own districts and ethnical groups. Then it starts flying away before it explodes and spreads out over Beirut like a swarm of floating mirrors. It´s an invitation to dream, dream of better places, dream to be at a place you could even physically see through the reflections of one of the mirrors…

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Oliver von Malm | Troi Valentine, Ender Ursula | E2 | Aus dem Nichts | Visionary Dystopia | 06WS | Bild:page5.png | a

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