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Adelsberger/Gambel, Bending

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Verfasser Adelsberger, Gambel Selina
Betreuer Grasser Georg
LV Computergestützte Fabrikationsverfahren
Titel Bending
Semester 12WS
Image Bild:IMG 20130108 143252.jpg
Session 1: (Presentation 1st Exercise, Robot, HAL)
Monday 29.10. 900 TO Tuesday 30.10. 1500



Workshop Session I

Bending with Robot


geometry of tool was not exact enough


Material: Polysterol-Platten

Tools: -Pin -Frame -Hot Air



material [polystyrene]

dimensions 250/500 500/500 1250/500

2mm = 18€/m2

4mm = 38€/m2

Material demand for fabrication of design: 15 x piece of 500/500 @2mm


frame [wood]

pin [M6]

pin (optimization) [WOOD CONE]

pipe [PVC DN 100mm]

pipe (optimization) [PVC DN 150mm]



procedure with modyfied tool (pin)

After our first session of fabrication we decided to modify our pin-tool. To optimize the process of the pin extraction after the forming phase, we changed the tool material from metal to wood. To support this we supply powder to the pin as abherent. Further improvement could be reached by changing the pin shape. It turned out that a cone shape produces more aesthatic "nozzles". The shape of the "nozzles" can also be manipulated by the way of heating the plastic disc. We decided to increase the distance of the hot air tool and the time of heating. This results in more stable "nozzles".

Workshop Session III

this is our current script file, feel free to use/edit

we will post pictures/videos of our fab.-test soon

preview to our final project

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BetreuerGrasser Georg  +
ImageIMG 20130108 143252.jpg  +
LVComputergestützte Fabrikationsverfahren  +
Semester12WS  +
ThemaREX|LAB  +
TitelBending  +
VerfasserAdelsberger  + und Gambel Selina  +
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