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Christoph Eppacher @cepp blog

betreut von: Arch DI Michael Budig, Arch DI MArch AA Robert Neumayr




The first investigations for the (n)Plus Project was the analysis of a series of curtainwalls by the Austrian born architect Erwin Hauer. Based on this research a new series of much more advanced surfaces was created.


Variation of the perforationsize. Gradual growth of the interweaving-technique.

One of Hauer´s system was made of two layers that never touches each other. By following that idea one layer of the two layered system was transformed into a massive supporting shell whilst the other layer becomes a semitransparent BrieSoleil.

Based on that idea a series of different facade configurations had been generated.

The main focus was to create multi readable and interpretable facade-configurations with latend embedded „Gestalt“ properties.

The main Topic is a highest possible noticeability of this visual „high-end“ effects. Again towerstructures are the typological agenda. (n)Plus is the next project of a series of different tower design studies i did the last two years. It should fill the gap of a lost discussion about more virtuality and associativeness in highrising buildings.


Depending on the urban surrounding of the Olympic Park the (n)Plus Tower is a massive veritical slab of 200m. It is a landmark at the edge of the Olympic Park and Stratford´s urban fabric and should also cover StratfordInternational Station.


(n)Plus Tower is organized in vertical shopping and office use, and consists of two main surfaces for the great shape and a core.

Both surfaces are populated by the binary tiling system my research was about. The outer surfaces were both split into two peaces, which pulls away from each other to create a second Gestalt- figure. The smaler peaces are also devided in two different gestaltgebende peaces. This edges should be visually articulated within the binary tiling pattern.

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